Organising a Party?

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Organising a Party?

Some simple steps to ensure your Party goes to plan!

  1. Decide where & when to hold your party
  2. Choose a date for the party (avoid other events on same days)
  3. Pick a time for the “party to start”
  4. Decide on your budget
  5. Create a guest list (separate by “relations”, “friends” & “others” in case you need to pare down.
  6. Decide on a theme (always good for a giggle)
  7. Send out invitations in good time
  8. Work out what food & drink you wish to supply
  9. Buy / rent decorations for the event venue
  10. Book Dj, entertainment & decorations
  11. Organise a back-up in case the weather isn’t great (if outside party)
  12. Be prepared for unexpected guests & occurrences.


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Or you could call The Event Squad & let us take care of the preparation while you enjoy your celebration!


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